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Massage has been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, anxiety and depression. The release of endorphins and serotonin can: prevent fibrosis or scar tissue, increase the flow of lymph (immune system) and improve sleep.
Craniosacral Therapy or JFB Myofascial Release is a bit trickier to explain, a lot of my clients will say to me I love what you do and I want to tell people all about it or I have a friend who I really think could benefit but I don't know how to explain it! The truth is neither do I !! every course I have done this has always come up in question times as an issue for the practitioners but it is also what is so special and fascinating about working with these modalities.
I do go briefly into the science and history of it in the first consultation session . For more information please go to menu page on this website. Recently on a world JFB MFR  forum somebody asked how to describe it in a few sentences and these are a few of the replies:
"MFR is a full body approach to eliminating pain and restoring motion, it is safe, gentle and incredibly effective." I believe a man named John Barnes might have said something like this once or twice. :-)
"JFB MFR is a whole body, whole person form of manual therapy that gets at the often misdiagnosed or unrecognized source of pain & dysfunction in our bodies, fascial restrictions. Tightness or restrictions in the connective tissue system are released through gentle, sustained pressure, taking the pressure off pain sensitive structures so the body can rebalance & heal, allowing for optimal function & health."
"Myofascial Release is the most efficient and effective approach for getting rid of pain, improving flexibility and strength and getting people back to doing the activities they love.  Whether your goal is to do the iron man triatholon or to get on the floor with your grandkids, MFR will get you there more quickly, and more permanently than any other treatment technique."
"Bodywork redefined, a gentle but deep connection to the true root of pain
and dysfunction. No oil/cream is used and I'm able to get deeper into the
tissues by finding restrictions and holding, patiently waiting for the
tissues to allow me access. Its subtle work that helps you truly heal."
The quote that says, "people don't remember you for what you do, they remember you for how you made them feel."
How grateful a client is to find this amazing work AND to find a caring and compassionate therapist!  PRICELESS!!   Just like this work!!
"MFR is a gentle, non invasive way of connecting with deep tissues involved in dysfunction and injury, supporting the body in healing itself. Its all about working with your body, allowing it to take what it needs and use that appropriately"
Cranio Sacral Therapy is even more "extremely gentle"! the main cause of DIS:EASE in the body is STRESS! this is fantastic for deep relaxation, anxiety, depression and so much more. I use it to relax the body (many people say this feels like a deep mediation relaxation) and then if the body is ready it can be used for detecting imbalances within...be that physical,  emotional or spiritual.
Both these modalities are usually used in a session as both systems are so closely intertwined, so when booking it is best to feel what your priority is or ring to discuss your needs.
EveryBody will experience something different, have a different need and a different outcome, every session will be different. For some it will take one session for others it may take many and for many it opens up a connection and respect for their body that they have never felt before or had long forgotten and it becomes a part of their lives!  Every Person will have a different outlook on prioritizing their health.
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